Funny stuff blog posts

  • April Fools

    Yesterday was a pretty good day for April Fools. In particular was the SimpleFools conspiracy and media Antarctica.

  • Where’s Durstan?

    Malarkey explains. A late and easy entry, but fun none-the-less.

  • Bad Pants

    The Guardian reports today that underpants exposed above low slung trousers are to be banned in the State of Virginia.

  • Spruce Ringsting

    According to BBC News, the family of the late Johnny Cash have vetoed use of the song Ring of Fire in an advert for haemorrhoid-relief products. Cash’s daughter Rosanne said: The song is about the transformative power of love and that’s what it has always meant to…

  • Oh the irony…

    ...the scathing irony. Monday’s WaSP produced the funniest thing I’ve read this year.

  • Designer logic

    An amusing office interchange during last week’s heatwave.

  • Viral mystery

    Would you believe this site is for a directory enquiries company (requires Flash and sound)? Make sure you check out their spoof of the Honda ‘Cog’ commercial, which in itself is based on Der Lauf der Dinge by Peter Fischli and David Weiss. And if you liked that,…

  • Off side topic

    Good one off the Brighton New Media mailing list. Tom Nixon wrote: Can you imagine this list’s geeks at a footie match? When the opposition supporters start chanting “You’re not singing any more” at them they’ll smugly pipe up “Aha! you are…

  • Crunch

    The real reason the West Pier collapsed. Nice one Bricey. More on the Glasshaus collapse. It seems that Wrox’s parent company, Peer Information, is the one to be liquidated, along with all its assets. Many ex-employees have posted their details on Graphic Design…

  • Trousers

    Some stupid fun for a Friday afternoon: Bond Films They Should Have Made. And some more Biscuit: I’ve got fur in my kettle and a film on my tea;
    I’m living in a hard water town.
    But I don’t let it get me down.[spoken]
    Should any man wish to make himself…

  • Meke-a thees my hume-a pege-a

    You may have heard that MSN does not work correctly in the latest version of Opera, because MSN sends Opera 7 different HTML and CSS files than it sends to earlier versions of the browser. Well Our Norwegian friends have got their own back by releasing the Bork edition of…

  • The good, the bad & the funny

    Netscape’s DevEdge has been redesigned as a standards showcase. Yes, another important web site has been redesigned and built without table-layout. Visually, it’s hardly cutting edge, but is easy on both the eye and the mouse. The drop down menus are rather splendid…

  • ’Ow queer

    The missing link. More amusing PhotoShoppage from HowStrange.

  • High court hang-ups II

    The trial continues: Counsel: Are you serious when you say that clients of yours drink from their own minibars in their own bedrooms in their own homes? Chrysler: Certainly. And just as in a hotel, they grumble about the price and size of the bottles, and the absence of ice.

  • The trial

    From Pythonesque to Kafkaesque. Having been denied a visa to re-enter the USA, Russian programmer, Dmitry Sklyarov faces the dilemma of being legally unable to enter the States to attend a trial he is legally obliged to testify in. Sklyarov is at the centre of the first DMCA

  • High court hang-ups

    From the Independent, a Python-esque sketch unfolds in the High Court: Counsel: Now, Mr Chrysler – for let us assume that that is your name – you are accused of purloining in excess of 40,000 hotel coat hangers. Chrysler: I am. Counsel: Can you explain how this…

  • Face up

    Not Eric Meyer, but Eric Myer (it’s a terrific photographer’s portfolio – make sure you play with the Stereotypes). Thanks to Adactio.

  • Hopper ringer

    When did Peter Gabriel turn into Dennis Hopper? And What do I Know? is back! I wondered where they’d gone…

  • Boozing tips

    The Onion presents: Wine Appreciation Tips When dining with friends at a restaurant, order the second-least expensive wine on the list. If on a date, order the fourth-least expensive. Passport to the Pub: A British Guide to Pub Etiquette One of the saddest sights of the…

  • Ate

    Got an RSS feed but don’t where to publish it? Try Syndic8 where your feed will be tested and reviewed. Some kind person may even give you a few hints on trying to improve it. All this talk of RSS has sparked the desire for yet another project which I may do at some…

  • Boxed in

    “You can’t get an XBox, it’s a big, ugly, tacky hulk of shit. Who cares about the technical stuff and what the games are like? What counts is what they look like when switched off and stowed in the corner.”

  • Bring on Brazil!

    So England are through 3–0 against the Danes. Watched the matched in a packed The Greys, a fantastic little pub in Hanover with some great Belgian beers. I digress. I’m really enjoying The Guardian’s coverage of the World Cup. They have a great feature –…

  • No Butt, don’t shoot !

    England through, Argentina out. Smashing. In the Guardian on Brazil’s 5–2 mauling of Costa Rica: “do not under any circumstances miss the highlights of this match tonight. It’s better than sex. Well, it’s certainly better than any sex I’ve…

  • Dropped stitch

    I must admit to rather enjoying the recent coverage of Slipknot v. The Knitting & Crochet Guild, whose quarterly journal ‘Slipknot’ is causing some consternation among black-bedecked adolescent fans of the nu-metal shock rock combo. Perhaps a Google bomb is in…