Wireless blog posts

  • The Virgin Media experience

    Today was the one day I needed to work from home. Today was the day Virgin Media decided to suspend my broadband services with no notice and for no apparent reason.

  • Secure wifi

    During another Geekend in London, Andy brought up the question of how to make his home wifi network secure but open. Well, it?s funny how these things work out: upon catching up with my RSS feeds, there lay the answer.

  • Wireless beer

    All is good in the world. My fave local, the Sidewinder has just been kitted out with free wi-fi. How tempting will it be to tinker away in the pub garden with a cooling glass of wheat beer?

  • Skills swapped

    Last night, I enjoyed the SkillSwap presentation by Jeremy on ‘CSS based design’. There was a full house, with folks representing disciplines from techie to Flash, and I reckon everyone took away a lot from the talk. Interestingly, a good deal of time was spent…

  • Hidden magnetron

    The Undetectables are a company specializing in hiding mobile phone masts in existing architecture, such as chimneys and churches; clever stuff. If p. g. wodehouse had a blog (and others) over at lying mo’ fo’. Those of you with enough time on your hands to have…

  • Chip off the old block

    “Girl to get tracker implant to ease parents’ fears” says the Guardian today, as it regrettably & shamefully rehashes a Mirror exclusive. Disturbing moral and privacy implications asides, this technology simply doesn’t exist. At Multimap we enable…