Oh the irony…

...the scathing irony. Monday’s WaSP produced the funniest thing I’ve read this year:

Great Britain, while famous for many things, is perhaps best known for the efficiency and promptness with which it runs its rail systems.

Each day millions of citizens are transported in comfort and style from the doorsteps of their homes, to offices, schools, shopping centres, and any number of other destinations.

It’s travel nirvana.

The first paragraph I thought may even be serious, written by some poor misguided soul from overseas. The second paragraph confounded that belief. The final sentence, coinciding as it did with “We apologize to passengers for late running of your train. This is due to technical problems,” made me laugh out loud and giggle like a girl, much to the amusement and more likely annoyance of my fellow passengers. Thanks Dunstan.

Update: It gets better. Dunstan has had a host of emails from folks who didn’t get the irony.