Photography blog posts

  • Just how bad is the iPhone camera?

    One of the main complaints aimed towards the iPhone is that camera is deemed to be a bit crap. So I thought I’d do a quick comparison with my old phone to see how it stands up.

  • One Day in History

    One Day in History is a one off opportunity for you to join in a mass blog for the national record. That, and I’ve joined the photo a day for a year bandwagon.

  • Glaucoma and photography

    Sorry not some wonderful cure, but instead a few sites that might be of interest: an great looking, accessible charity site and some approachs to presenting photos on web pages.

  • When I’m 94

    A few weeks ago my Great Uncle Jack passed away aged 94. Throughout Uncle Jack’s house were stacks of annotated photos. But what would happen when I’m 94 and dead and buried? The digital age could prove to be an archivist’s dream or a nightmare.

  • Photo fades

    I’ve been admiring the ‘image loading…’ and subsequent fade-in of (spectacular) photos on Couloir. It seems they use a rather nifty trick to achieve this.

  • A View on the Ocean

    And so to another site launch – I hereby present A View on the Ocean, an artist’s journal; a diaristic collection of photographs, comments, stories and music by photographer Andrew Robert Fox.

  • JPG Magazine

    Two bastions of the online world are once more embracing the tangible domain of print.

  • The Degree Confluence Project

    A collaborative initiative on a genuinely global scale, the Degree Confluence Project aims to visit and photograph each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world.

  • Geekend photos added

    My transparencies and scans have finally come back from Fuji Processing. I’ve added my favourite shots to the Geekend gallery.

  • Geekend

    Andy, Jeremy, Stuart, Jon and I returned yesterday from a glorious weekend at Dunstan’s place in the Dorset countryside. Many thanks to Dunstan for his hospitality and generosity. For now there are some photos.

  • Playing with Delta

    I recently posted a bunch of photos taken on the South Downs back in late December. I was playing with Ilford Delta 400 film (pushed to 800) for the first time; in fact it was my first time shooting monochrome since college. It was a typically dull winter day, but still…

  • On Lomography

    The Lomographic Society website has much to admire from a design and marketing perspective, and it encourages a great photographic philosophy. But is a 35mm camera really the right medium for a snap-happy ethos, or does digital win hands down?

  • Happy New Year

    Welcome to 2004. I’ve been trying to give myself as big a break as possible from blogging and computers generally, but I’ve finally succumbed. I’m not one for resolutions, but something I’ve promised myself is more photos.

  • Back to business

    I’m back from Morzine and there are photos. Sorry I haven’t posted for while but things have been super hectic at work. Normal should resume shortly.

  • Digital Venezia

    Photos of Venice with a new Casio Exilim S3 and discovering XnView image browser and converter.

  • Give ’em what they want

    The vote for clagnut link is up. Zeldman has stopped his third party links opening in a named window. And about time too. 37 Signals have designed a better Google.

  • Snow?

    In the middle of Winter? Who’d have thought it… From the Multimap webcams (actually this is quite a lot of snow for central London):

  • Autumn

    We’ve just returned from a glorious weekend in Cambridge. Actually Saturday was pretty dismal; stifled by the cold, overcast incessant drizzle that so often permeates our globally warmed winters. However Sunday gave us the other side of the coin: a beautiful, crisp Autumn…

  • Observation

    Heaps and heaps of photos from around Brighton. Taken over the last 20 years they are the kind that focus upon what is extraordinary in the everyday. Found at bluejoh, a fellow Brighton blogger who met Some-bloke Tom at a wedding, only she didn’t realize at the time. One…

  • Flash bang wallop

    At PhotoSIG, you can upload photos and have them critiqued by the resident community. The site seems to be thriving; the imagery is of a very high quality and many of the critiques are extremely helpful & constructive. A key to the success of the community is limiting the…

  • A grave loss

    Galen Rowell has died aged 61. He and his wife Barbara were killed in a plane crash in California. Rowell was probably the most famous outdoor photographer in the world, regularly shooting features for National Geographic during a life spent travelling in remote countries…

  • Corbijn

    Just found Anton Corbijn’s portfolio site. (Corbijn is responsible for just about every U2 album cover, as well as numerous others including Depeche Mode & Tricky.) There are lots of examples of past work and fascinating insights into his more famous photos.