Travel blog posts

  • Talking type in Ljubljana

    On presenting web typography in Slovenia, my hospitable hosts, and discovering Zemanta, a clever blog enhancement tool.

  • Ljubljana at Christmas

    I’ve just come back from three days in Ljubljana, Slovenia – a surprise Christmas present from Her Indoors.

  • VE Day and the US D-Day Museum

    Today is the 60th anniversary of VE Day, yet World War II was not completely over until four months later and VJ Day. This reminded me of my trip to New Orleans earlier this year where my good friend Dave took me to the National D-Day Museum.

  • Pompeii Interactive sale is on!

    Pompeii Interactive is a CD-ROM chock full of photographs, interactive maps, panoramas and detailed information about the ancient city of Pompeii in Italy. It is currently on sale at half the normal price until the end of March 2005.

  • The Degree Confluence Project

    A collaborative initiative on a genuinely global scale, the Degree Confluence Project aims to visit and photograph each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world.

  • Geekend

    Andy, Jeremy, Stuart, Jon and I returned yesterday from a glorious weekend at Dunstan’s place in the Dorset countryside. Many thanks to Dunstan for his hospitality and generosity. For now there are some photos.

  • Back to business

    I’m back from Morzine and there are photos. Sorry I haven’t posted for while but things have been super hectic at work. Normal should resume shortly.

  • Back soon

    I’m off mountain biking for a week. In the meantime I’ve added an archive to Clagnut and made some fundamental changes to the RSS feed, discovering FeedDemon along the way.

  • Digital Venezia

    Photos of Venice with a new Casio Exilim S3 and discovering XnView image browser and converter.

  • Autumn

    We’ve just returned from a glorious weekend in Cambridge. Actually Saturday was pretty dismal; stifled by the cold, overcast incessant drizzle that so often permeates our globally warmed winters. However Sunday gave us the other side of the coin: a beautiful, crisp Autumn…