Book cover showing similar colours and typographic treatment
Front cover of Designing News

The visual design of this website is unashamedly based on the front cover of a fabulous book, Designing News by Francesco Franchi, as published in hard back September 2013.

The type is set in Premiéra designed by Thomas Gabriel, with headlines set in Michael Hochleitner’s Ingeborg.

The site is built on a homemade CMS. It was hand-coded in Espresso, marked up using semantic HTML and CSS.

I’ve used responsive design techniques to hopefully ensure the site is nicely readable on lots of devices. I’ve put together a kind of style guide, mostly as a check that all likely mark-up is styled appropriately. While the site has not been widely tested, it should be fine on all modern browsers. Please let me know if you come across any problems.

I use and recommend Vidahost for web hosting. They’ve proved very helpful thus far.