Meke-a thees my hume-a pege-a

You may have heard that MSN does not work correctly in the latest version of Opera, because MSN sends Opera 7 different HTML and CSS files than it sends to earlier versions of the browser. Well Our Norwegian friends have got their own back by releasing the Bork edition of Opera 7. If you visit with this version of Opera, all the text is translated into Swedish Chef-speak! [thanks Bownie]

Screenshot: Noo und imprufed!

MSN now allows access to users of Opera 7, but is still targeting and sending users of earlier versions a broken page. This treatment is completely unnecessary, as the page would look the same in Opera as in Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer if it had been fed the same information.

And if you’ve got something to say about London’s Congestion Charge (introduced today), you can say it here.