Food & drink blog posts

  • The best compostable Nespresso capsules

    Searching for a rich, bold, chocolatey Nespresso coffee, ethically sourced, and home-compostable pods, I tried 17 different coffees from 5 different brands until finally I came across two which hit the mark.

  • One heavenly breakfast

    My diet has been devoid of chilli over the past few months. Normally we eat lots of hot food – hotter the better – so I was becoming desperate for my fix. In a quiet moment, I made myself an delicious second breakfast to ease the craving.

  • Five minute chocolate mug cake

    Something for the weekend, or indeed any other time of the week; a version of this recipe seems to have achieved viral status. I made the recipe last night. It’s incredibly easy and it works a treat.

  • Jamie Oliver is Cool

    Love him or hate him, I thought I’d mention our very own Jamie Oliver in response to Dan’s post about American TV chef, Alton Brown. The Essex geezer has been blogging in a manner of speaking for a few years, but recently got himself a brand new site which looks…

  • Fresh mackerel rolls

    If you’re lucky enough to be in Brighton on a sunny summer weekend, such as the glorious one we’ve just had, I heartily recommend you seek out Jack and Linda Mills on the seafront. They are fish smokers by trade, but when he’s not making ‘Brighton…

  • National Organic Week

    I love to cook. Part of the pleasure of cooking is working with fine ingredients which is why I choose to tell you that this week is national organic week.

  • Beers are on me!

    I won a case of beer today. A sodding great case of London Pride. It rather took me by surprise.

  • Italian

    The wonderful thing about Italian food is its simplicity. Anyone with a soul can cook a good Italian meal when they put their mind to it. That?s why I don’t much go in for Italian restaurants.

  • No mention of mark-up

    Breeze is an elegant new minimalist theme for Mozilla. Googlebar is another great add-in from mozdev (source of the afore-mentioned Checky). It’s just like the IE Google toolbar, but for Mozilla. I’m a bit of a foodie, so it won’t come as much…

  • Spicy swatches

    My brother, a graphic designer, decided that the colours I use on needed to be a bit more curry-ey. So he kindly came up with some hot & spicy swatches based upon curry products, Indian cookery books and colour theory books. And made this a super page to display…

  • Curry in a hurry

    I’ve just added a new recipe to Quick Curry Sauce. It’s a delicious curry sauce for when you have run out of brown stuff and don’t have time to make a fresh batch.

  • Boozing tips

    The Onion presents: Wine Appreciation Tips When dining with friends at a restaurant, order the second-least expensive wine on the list. If on a date, order the fourth-least expensive. Passport to the Pub: A British Guide to Pub Etiquette One of the saddest sights of the…

  • Home time

    Jakob’s latest rant is his Top Ten Guidelines for Homepage Usability which, while providing useful food for thought, is a desperately transparent plug for his latest book (blast: there’s another plug). Personally I would recommend the Home Page chapter of Steve…

  • Anyone for a Ruby?

    You can now add your own curry restaurant reviews at So if you’ve had a steaming vindaloo or a dodgy biryani recently you now know where to tell the world about it. As a reward you’ll get a reciprocal link, which can only be good.