The real reason the West Pier collapsed. Nice one Bricey.

  • More on the Glasshaus collapse. It seems that Wrox’s parent company, Peer Information, is the one to be liquidated, along with all its assets. Many ex-employees have posted their details on Graphic Design Basics, which looks to be a fine site in itself.

  • And the music industry continues to hack everyone off by having a go at cd-wow, the UK-based dirt cheap CD seller. CDs are so expensive over here that it’s cheaper for cd-wow to import them halfway around the world from Hong Kong, and still knock them out at 50% less than the high street. And the BPI has taken offence to this, somehow reckoning it contravenes the UK’s Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, even though the CDs are genuine.

    I somehow doubt the artists get more money just because the CDs are sold in UK rather than Asia.