Some stupid fun for a Friday afternoon: Bond Films They Should Have Made. And some more Biscuit:

I’ve got fur in my kettle and a film on my tea;
I’m living in a hard water town.
But I don’t let it get me down.

Should any man wish to make himself immortal by painting a picture of wretchedness,
Then he’d be wasting his time knocking on my door.
Maybe go to Mr Galbraith’s, over the road.
There he is now, look, alone in his polytunnel with his pitiful competition onions.
Neglected for two weeks in Cuba.
A no-rosette situation for Mr Galbraith.

Oh he shouldn’t have gone to Cuba.
He should have just gone down to Dorset
And witness wonderful Bulbarrow Hill.

from Third Track Main Camera Four Minutes on Trouble Over Bridgwater.