Beers are on me!

I won a case of beer today. A sodding great case of London Pride. It rather took me by surprise.

At some point earlier this year, I was bored on the train and filled out the competition form in a Fuller’s Real Ale magazine. Then today, right out of the blue, I got a phone call from a very nice lady at the brewery. So people really do win these things!

Actually, I won more than a case of beer; I won first prize. First prize means going to the Middlesex Rugby Sevens at Twickenham on Saturday, heading out on to the pitch and attempting to kick a conversion. Should the ball successfully make it through the posts I would win a year’s supply of beer!

There’s a few problems with this. Firstly I have never attempted to kick a conversion in my life. Secondly I’ve certainly never done anything in front of 70,000 people – Twickenham will be full and that is way scary. But most of all I’ll be in Crete (yes, another holiday already). Never mind. Settling for the runners-up prize won’t be too much of hardship. Beer, mmmmmm, beer. Cheers!