No mention of mark-up

Breeze is an elegant new minimalist theme for Mozilla.

Screen shot of breeze in action

Googlebar is another great add-in from mozdev (source of the afore-mentioned Checky). It’s just like the IE Google toolbar, but for Mozilla.

I’m a bit of a foodie, so it won’t come as much of a surprise that I watched Tony & Giorgio on BBC2 last night. Apart from being a funny, highly watchable programme (with some great grub), every week they use Wedding Present songs for the incidental music. This alone fills me with joy.

And talking of fabulous British bands (indulge me), I haven’t mentioned Half Man Half Biscuit for some time (did you know they have a new album out?). So I’m pleased to introduce a new regular feature: whether you like it or not, every Friday will feature some lines from a HMHB song. This week’s extravaganza:

And I feel cursed and sore, like.
I’m Thurston Moore-like.
The darkness in my eyes won’t go away…

From Look Dad No Tunes on Trouble Over Bridgwater.