Win a ticket to dConstruct

dConstruct 08

I may be biased, but I can’t wait until this year’s dConstruct – it’s gonna be brilliant. I’m immensely proud of the somewhat stellar lineup we’ve got together: Steven Johnson, Aleks Krotoski, Joshua Porter, Daniel Burka, Tantek Çelik, Matt Jones & Matt Biddulph and our very own Jeremy Keith. The perceptive among you may able to pick out the theme – designing the social web – a huge and enticing topic we’ll be covering from all angles.

What’s more, we’ve got four top notch workshops running prior to the conference – just check out the brilliant program (aside from James and me). Workshop tickets are on sale now and they’re going fast (don’t forget workshop tickets include complimentary entry to the conference).

If all that wasn’t enough you can now win a ticket to the conference! Simply grab one of our customisable buttons, add your own image and upload it to your website. Take a screen grab of your button and post it to the Flickr group. Our favourite button added to the group by the end of 30th June wins!

On a final note, the ‘official’ tag for dConstruct this year is dconstruct08. Incidentally conference tickets will go on sale at 11am on 24 June.