South by Southwest panel picker

It’s still August and South by Southwest is already appearing over the horizon. You can buy tickets now – in fact they are at their cheapest until 28th September, but the news is that this year’s panel picker is now live.

Like last year, potential attendees are being asked to vote for their preferred panels, except this year you are presented with random pages containing 30 panels, each of you can give a star rating. So no going through the whole lot and somehow ranking your ten favourite panels – just browse through and rate as you see fit. I’ve got two panels in there. The first is Web Typography Still Sucks, which will be Mark Boulton and me following up on the popular presentation we gave last year. The second is Wireframing in a Web 2.0 World in which m’learned colleague James Box and I will attempt to distil our daily job into one hour. So if you fancy those, give ‘em a few stars. Jeremy also has some excellent suggestions for panels on which to vote.

Speaking of conferences, we just posted some handy info on how to get the most out of dConstruct which is closing in scarily quickly. Of particular note is that you can pre-register early on Thursday evening. Also, do log into the dConstruct Backnetwork. Glenn has done some magical stuff so that if you have used any other Backnetwork (at last year’s dConstruct or Hackday for example) all your settings and friends will be retained – look out for the Auto find network relationships in your profile. Finally, the cool t-shirts we were embarrassingly modelling will be on-sale on strictly first-come first-served basis, but bring some cash (in the region of £15) as we won’t be able to accept card payments.