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  • Multimap is hiring

    Multimap is looking to hire a junior web designer/developer to assist the public site development team. The job is based in London.

  • Back in a week

    As of 5 o’clock tomorrow morning, I’m off on my annual pilgrimage to Morzine for a week’s mountain biking in the French and Swiss Alps. If anyone can fix the OS 9 bug on while I’m gone, please email the solution to and…

  • Multimap redesign

    I’ve been somewhat quiet of late, which as usual means busy, busy, busy. And without further ado, the fruits of my labour can be found at – a complete rebuild using Web standards, semantic HTML and CSS layout.

  • Search soon

    A handy little article illustrating a simple search engine in PHP (guess what I’ll be doing with it). Weather feed added courtesy of Multimap, of course. Finally, navigation added too (needs fixing in Opera)!

  • Return

    Well I’m back from a fantastic 10 days biking. My old Cannondale just about held together and I suffered only a few cuts and bruises, aching limbs and the traditional ridiculous cyclist’s tan. More details and pikkies will appear here soon. In the meantime Multimap…

  • Sitemaps

    I’ve never been a big fan of sitemaps on Web sites, perhaps because I’ve too often seen them done badly. A recent Boxes & Arrows article explains how to do them properly.

  • Snow?

    In the middle of Winter? Who’d have thought it… From the Multimap webcams (actually this is quite a lot of snow for central London):

  • Real on virtual

    How real world events affect Internet traffic. Here is a bandwidth graph for the day that England beat Argentina: As you can see the match was between 12pm and 3pm. Note the little spike as people logged back on at half time for a quick fix of maps before the…

  • Naughty but nice

    Something of an exclusive: AOL are definitely moving over to the Gecko (Mozilla, Netscape 6+, etc.) engine. There’s been rumours, but how do I know for sure? Because AOL are making sure the most popular sites work with Gecko before they make the switch; remember I said we…

  • We’re hiring!

    Multimap is hiring. If you fancy working in London for a small, friendly company and are skilled in Perl, Unix/Linux, Oracle/MySQL, XML, OOP/OOD and maybe a bit of GIS then please send us your CV or resumé. Stereolab have a really original way of presenting their…

  • Real life savings through Web standards

    Following on from Doug Bowman’s recent article on potential bandwidth savings for Microsoft, in which he recounts using CSS to rebuild Microsoft’s home page, I’d like to restate here the points I made in my Ten Questions interview with the Web Standards Group.…

  • Hired

    Regular visitors will notice that I am no longer for hire. Those nice people at have taken me on as a producer. This is good news indeed, however it leaves me with one week to do all those chores I should have been doing since the demise of Citria. For your pity,…

  • Geotagged blogs on Multimap

    For the past month Multimap has been populating the database with geotagged blogs and now has nearly 4,000 mapped.

  • Perfect client

    Discussion on the perfect client, demonstrated by a great little project we did for the IBM GCat team.

  • No Butt, don’t shoot !

    England through, Argentina out. Smashing. In the Guardian on Brazil’s 5–2 mauling of Costa Rica: “do not under any circumstances miss the highlights of this match tonight. It’s better than sex. Well, it’s certainly better than any sex I’ve…

  • ’Ello, ’ello, ’ello

    Here in the UK, Home Secretary Blunkett is pushing through proposals (“opening up a discussion”) for national identity (“social security entitlement”) cards. Let’s just state here and now that this is flawed thinking and just plain wrong. George…

  • Plazes

    Ben Hammersley points us to Plazes, which claims to be the ‘navigation system for your social life.’

  • Bring on Brazil!

    So England are through 3–0 against the Danes. Watched the matched in a packed The Greys, a fantastic little pub in Hanover with some great Belgian beers. I digress. I’m really enjoying The Guardian’s coverage of the World Cup. They have a great feature –…

  • Chip off the old block

    “Girl to get tracker implant to ease parents’ fears” says the Guardian today, as it regrettably & shamefully rehashes a Mirror exclusive. Disturbing moral and privacy implications asides, this technology simply doesn’t exist. At Multimap we enable…

  • New goodies from Apple

    As is no doubt being reported across the entire blogosphere and tech news feeds everywhere, Apple had a bit of a bumper Macworld 2005, introducing in particular a new desktop, a new iPod and a new software suite.

  • A new beginning

    After months of preparation I’m immensely pleased to announce that Andy Budd, Jeremy Keith and I have joined forces to form Clearleft, which officially launched on Monday.

  • textualization

    Just been finishing off a contract left over from before my move to Multimap (going very well thank you). I’m building a site for a client (thanks Carbon) with a traditional heirarchical navigation, however the client insists that all their navigation be images. Top level…

  • Ljubljana at Christmas

    I’ve just come back from three days in Ljubljana, Slovenia – a surprise Christmas present from Her Indoors.

  • Mo & Rob’s Drive Inne

    Having stood since the 14th Century, Ye Olde Smugglers Inne (formerly the Market Inn) was the victim of a hit and run crash in the early hours of 14th July 2004.Amazingly Maureen Scott, Landlady of 27 years, and her husband Rob, slept through the incident – to be woken…

  • Ate

    Got an RSS feed but don’t where to publish it? Try Syndic8 where your feed will be tested and reviewed. Some kind person may even give you a few hints on trying to improve it. All this talk of RSS has sparked the desire for yet another project which I may do at some…

  • Dunwich Dynamo

    I’m tired; stiff and tired. Over Saturday night and into Sunday morning, I joined friends on the Dunwich Dynamo, a 120 mile night ride from Hackney to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast. It was to be the longest ride any of us had cycled in one day.

  • HTML is better than XHTML

    Judging by the latest SitePoint TechTimes, it seems Stuart Langridge has won the argument. SitePoint’s DHTML book will be published with HTML.

  • London bomb blasts

    As you’ve probably heard by now, a number of explosions have gone off in the London Underground system and on a number of buses. Tony Blair has just confirmed it was a terrorist attack. Thanks to those of you IMing to see if I’m OK.

  • Headings defining document structure

    Tomas Jogin has started an interesting discussion reflecting how heading level choices can give a different perception of document structure. I’m suggesting that adding hidden headings for document clarity would not be a bad thing.