Put your blog on the map

Every time you view a map on Multimap, you can also show Local Information on that map, such as hotels, restaurants and wifi hotspots. Multimap gets the data from a variety of sources, one of which is the referrals log; so anyone that links to Multimap with an appropriate category gets a link back. Yesterday I added a weblogs category. To get your blog onto Multimap’s maps, simply add a link somewhere on your site like this:

Obviously you’ll need to replace the title, latitude and longitude with that of your blog (perhaps your house, office or just the centre of your city). You can find the latitude and longitude of any location in the Map Info box below a Multimap map. If your blog resides in the UK, you can also use a full or partial postcode like this:

  • http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?pc=bn2&cat=blog&title=Clagnut
    Once you’ve added the link to your blog (as a post, blogmark or button, perhaps) remember to click it so Multimap logs your site as a referrer. Your site should be added to the database within 24 hours. Feel free to use these images on your blog, but please download them to your server first:
    Show this blog on a map Show this blog on a map Show this blog on a map