Doh! iBook

Well wouldn’t ya just know it. Two weeks after receiving my iBook, Apple ups the specs to a 1 Ghz processor and doubles the memory capability. Thanks for nothing.

Such is (i)life. Thanks everyone for your OS X tips, and to Andy & Jay for last night’s timely SkillSwap. In a weird way the past fortnight evokes memories of holidays in foreign climes: everything’s different when you get there, but the weather’s beautiful, the food’s fantastic and the locals are friendly; after a two weeks it feels like home and you don’t want to leave.

Update. Dunstan has fallen foul of Apple as well. But not as irritatingly as a good friend of mine who bought his beautiful, superceded 17” PowerBook on two days before all the specs were increased and the prices reduced. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t buy direct from Apple and cannot take the machine back for an upgrade as it’s out of its packaging.

Why oh why can’t Apple make these announcements in advance and give consumers a chance? Sure, Apple won’t sell many machines in the interim but those lost purchases will be made a few weeks later. It’s got to be better than customers – especially those new to Apple – being made to feel gullible and conned.