OS X newbie alert

My new iBook arrived just in time for the Easter break. This is not only the first time I’ve owned a Mac but also the first time I’ve used one for more than about a minute.

First impressions are good. In fact the very first impression was surprise and wonder at just how much attention to detail was put into the packaging: from the white plastic handle to the rounded polystyrene corners to the welcoming cardboard flap hinting at the goodies inside. And dontcha just love that AC adapter? Straight away I realised that over a grand for a little 800 Mhz machine might not be so steep after all.

After about 5 minutes orientation I got into OS X – it all seemed to make sense. At the moment things seems a bit too easy; with Windows you want to get under its skin a bit for fear it’ll bite you but with OS X I’m happy letting it lead me along.

So next I went to install some software. Just ‘drag the icon to the applications folder’ it said. ‘But won’t that just copy the files over?’. Nope it installs. ‘So how do I uninstall?’. Drag to the trash. ‘But won’t that just delete the executable leaving a bunch of guff behind?’. Nope it uninstalls. Freaky.

It’s all good and I doubt I’ll ever look back, but I’m there’s some things I’m missing already pining for. Like a delete button (fn-backspace doesn’t cut it), a hash key (hidden behind alt-3, c’mon), a right mouse button (pressing ctrl for everything is gonna take some getting used to), a small caps-lock button, a large return button, the Save As dialog, ctrl-c, ctrl-v & ctrl-x (my muscle memory is not geared up for the Apple key), FeedDemon (which I’ve recently paid for) and Topstyle Pro.

Ah Topstyle. This brings me to the real point of this post. What CSS editing software do you fellow OSXers use? Is there anything that can rival Nick Bradbury’s Topstyle? (Get well soon Nick).

I’ve tried Style Master which is a fine piece of software but I’ve never really gelled with it. MacRabbit CSSEdit seems pretty good – its feel and functionality is quite similar to Topstyle but it lacks a few features (and I’m not even thinking about the HTML editor in Topstyle). What do you use?