Relief at last

For those of you following the saga, my iBook is finally fixed. Seven weeks after the logic board choked the computer is at last back in my possession. Mind you, it was still returned broken: the wifi was barely picking up a signal. Fortunately a quick fiddle with the aerial lead and the Airport card soon fixed this – another little irritation though – and lucky I had an idea of what the problem was.

I wrote to Apple in Cupertino a fortnight ago expressing my irritation and requesting an explanation. As yet I have had no reply – I’ll post it if I ever get one. An explanation for the delays may well be down to the demise of ADT, but the requirement to spend 4 hours running diagnostics over the phone is most certainly not.

On a personal note, the return of the iBook feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m altogether more chipper than I was a few days ago. I’m cringing as I admit that: the presence of a bloody computer should not be a requirement for wellbeing, but it seems to be the case.

It is just about explicable. 2 ½ hours a day of train time has been lost over the past seven weeks. Without a laptop, train time is dead time; boring and wasteful. Reading a newspaper or a book every day does not compensate for my usual computery activities – reading RSS feeds, writing this blog, building websites for friends of friends, ‘work’ work. To make matters worse I’m supposed to be co-writing a book at the moment. My commuting cocoon is absolutely ideal for that but I’ve been unable to use it.

Missing all these activities and being forced to do them in the evening and at weekends, when I normally have what might be considered ‘a life’, has added a stress noted by Her Indoors but not recognised by me until its absence. It seems, for me, 2005 can start properly as of now.