Great Escape 2007 day two

Day two, and following the CSS failure yesterday I thought we’d camp out in the Corn Exchange all evening to ensure we saw Art Brut. Unfortunately the Corn Exchange is the biggest venue in the festival and took on the atmosphere of a school disco for the early part of the evening, as noted by Her Indoors.

Last Gang

Tight, anthemic punk. Last Gang are pretty decent, with a few glimpses of the Jam, but a bit ordinary if we’re honest. Reminded me of Northern Uproar – remember them? Quite.

The Heights

Thirty seconds into the first song: “that’s more like it” and we shared knowing nods. The Heights are yet another band with big guitar sounds, but actually a cut above, with more interesting tunes and arrangements. They’ll probably do well, but maybe not down here. “We love Brighton,” they claimed, “but the crowd are shit.” Which was both inaccurate and unfair – the crowd (all weekend actually) were pretty enthusiastic, just lost in such a large venue.

Art Brut

Art Brut

Go and see the them. Go and see the them. Go and see the them. Best gig of the weekend, in fact one of the best I’ve been to recently. Art Brut’s spiky ‘art punk’ comes across brilliantly live, and front man Eddie Argos is thoroughly entertaining. Instead of just trotting through the album, they mix their songs up, inserting bits of one into another. The pinnacle was Argos urging the audience to form a band to counter the relegation of music in favour of computer games in the likes of Virgin Megastores.