Great Escape 2007 day three

The final day. We only managed to squeeze in two-and-a-bit bands today, following a 40 minute queue to get into the Honey Club.

Candie Payne

Only caught the last two two songs, which was a shame because Candie Payne and her band sounded pretty good; sort of like a soulful PJ Harvey, worth further investigation.


the Maccabees playing at the Honey Club

The Maccabees were the reason for the queue, and well worth the wait. Thanks to a tip from Colly, I picked up these Brighton boys’ debut album on Monday and it’s ace. Full of punky pop, think Futureheads, Rakes and a tiny bit of Cure. They even have a song about a swimming pool.

Luke Toms

Luke Toms

There were queues everywhere so we decided to take our chances with a quiet venue, and so headed to the Hope for Luke Toms, who was quite charming. The festival catalogue describes his songs as “dripping with Feeling-esque popness (only they they’re not nails-down-a-blackboard rubbish)” which is amusing although not exactly close to the mark. Far better to think Divine Comedy mixed with a little early Elton John and some James Taylor Quartet. A gentle, enjoyable end to the festival.