Great Escape 2007 day one

The Great Escape has begun. The second year of ‘Europe’s leading new music festival’ has come to Brighton again, with even more bands and venues.

The Kissaway Trail

A good start to the festival in Audio, which I’m really starting to enjoy as a venue. The Kissaway Trail started out as Sigur Rós, moved into Arcade Fire, faded out a bit in the middle and finished on a Polyphonic Spree high. Great stuff – it’ll be interesting to hear if it translates well to record.


I received the album Cookies in the post on Monday, courtesy of the Rounder Records music club. I wasn’t entirely convinced at first, but they definitely sounded like they’d be a good live band. I wasn’t disappointed. 1990s flavour of Primal Scream rock n’ roll is infectious and can’t help but put a smile on your face. What’s more the bassist was particularly taken with the audience’s enthusiasm for the songs: “the best crowd we’ve ever played for”.

The plan was then to make our way from Audio to Concorde 2 in order to catch the Brazilian extravaganza that is CSS. Upon reaching the venue we encountering a huge and static queue, a 1-in 1-out scenario. Apparently people had been queuing since 5.30 to get in (it was now 9.30). So we made a swift u-turn and headed for the Pavilion Theatre.

Archie Bronson Outfit

It was Domino night at the Pavilion, and for that reason alone it would have been a good place to spend the evening. As it was we caught the final act. I saw Archie Bronson Outfit a few months ago in London with my bro’, but the sound was dreadful then. My bro was with me again this time, and it was a whole different scenario. The sound was excellent, the band were enjoying themselves (in their own way) and we had a stomping time nodding to the Morphine influenced battle-weary rock.