d.Construct Thursday socials

The d.Construct conference in Brighton is approaching rapidly (don’t I just know it; so much to do, so little time) and many attendees are coming down on the Thursday so they can be fresh for the Friday morning start. As such, attendees are looking for places and people to meet on Thursday evening. The d.Construct backnetwork is a great place to look for who’s coming and where they are meeting (check the blog posts).

In terms of venue suggestions, the d.Construct location page lists some recommendations of places to eat: Wagamama, GBK, Strada and the Ha Ha Bar will all be able to accommodate reasonably large groups.

As for drinking establishments, all the wi-fi enabled pubs are coincidentally decent places and should be able to fit in quite a few people. Particular favourites, from west (Hove) to east (Kemp Town) are: Duke of Norfolk, Fortune of War, Earth and Stars, Black Lion, Sidewinder and St George’s. I recommend you avoid anywhere on West Street; that’s the street from the clock tower (on the way down from the station) to the beach.

If you’ve got any particular favourites, or any other venues to suggest, please drop a comment here.

Update. Over on Ian Lloyd’s blog there appears to be a concensus that the Earth and Stars is indeed the place to meet. As Jeremy suggests there is a cosy upstairs room that I recommend someone books as the pub itself it not huge. Incidentally, like Jeremy, I’ll be entertaining the speakers on Thursday evening but may be along later.

Update update. We’ve booked the downstairs room in Heist for Thursday night. Heist is actually on the afore-mentioned West Street, but fear not it’s actually a pretty decent bar.