At @media again

@media 2006

So I’m off to @media for the rest of this week. Even though it’ll be an intense couple of days, I really looking forward to the break, and to meeting up with old friends of course.

In fact, I’ve been so busy recently I haven’t even had a good chance to look through the itinerary. Obviously I know Andy and Jeremy are speaking, and I’ve spotted that Jeff Veen is doing a stint, but beyond that – what’s on your radar, either as an attendee or otherwise?

Practical Web Design magazine cover – the Cash Issue

And in other news, Practical Web Design magazine is currently running an article I wrote for them, based upon my Flickr badge post from a while back. PWD mag does seem to do what it says on the tin – it’s full of useful, practical web development tutorials, as well as features and commentary. It’s not necessarily aimed at the full blown web professional – probably more at keen amateurs or those learning the trade. What it does really well is focus on good practices of modern web design and development – you know, things like Web Standards. A refreshing addition to the magazine shelf.