A parallel cavalcade of geek life

Scan of the magazine page

Welcome readers of Practical Web Design! Clagnut is a Star Site in the Blogs and Daily Reading section, where the magazine had this to say:

Web site producer and director of Clearleft web design consultancy, Richard Rutter shares his thoughts on web development along with code, tips and links to his personal favourites. He also shares his musical preferences, bugbears and photos in a parallel cavalcade of geek life that adds a human touch to his technical know-how.

A parallel cavalcade of geek life! Crickey, that’s a lot to live up to – I’d better get writing again – and given the A-list websites that weren’t given a Star Site rating I had to smile.

@media 2006: Europe's Premier Web Design Conference. London, 15th – 16th June.

Talking of code and tips, this is probably a good point to mention to all those people who’ve been on Mars for the last week or so that @media 2006 has been announced. It’s even bigger than last year and features such luminaries as Eric Meyer, Cameron Moll, Peter-Paul Koch, Robin Christopherson along with Clearleft’s own Andy Budd and Jeremy Keith. I would say now is the time to badger your human resources department.