A new beginning


After three great years, I finished my last official day at Multimap on Friday, having worked there part time for the past couple of months. Which means that this week marks the start of a new beginning for me. After months of preparation I’m immensely pleased to announce that Andy Budd, Jeremy Keith and I have joined forces to form Clearleft, our web design consultancy which officially launched on Monday.

It’s not every day the opportunity comes to go into business with two good friends, even rarer when those friends happen to be extremely talented and share the same passion for the Web as I do. Needless to say I’m really excited about what is to come. There will be downs as well ups, of that I’m sure, but we’re starting on a high with our eyes open. The idea of working for my own company with like-minded partners is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Clearleft is a company with ambition, one of which is to work on great projects that don’t seem like work at all. We’ve already secured some really interesting clients that hopefully we’ll be able to talk about in the near future.