Super Furry Kraft

No crowd surfing sign

Hot on the heels of Colly’s review of Super Furry Animals in Nottingham, I once more had the pleasure of seeing SFA at London’s Brixton Academy. It certainly wasn’t the mellow gig that Colly saw; this was SFA rocking away in big style.

And those Welsh boys sure can play, not to mention sing. I love Gruff Rhys’s voice – the way it slides effortlessly from deep and soulful into Beach Boys falsetto. Despite the excessive reverb last night (which should be reserved for weaker voices), he rang through clear and true as ever.

This was about the fifth time I’ve seen SFA live. They are one of those bands who continue to play their old songs, consequently an SFA gig is a treat for fans more than a vehicle for selling the latest album. Every album apart from Mwng and Fuzzy Logic was represented as this set list will testify:

  1. International Language of Screaming (Radiator)
  2. Hello Sunshine (Phantom Power)
  3. Zoom! (Love Kraft)
  4. Atomik Lust (Love Kraft)
  5. The Horn (Love Kraft)
  6. Ohio Heat (Love Kraft)
  7. Run Christian Run (Rings Around the World)
  8. Cloudberries (Love Kraft)
  9. Ice Hockey Hair (Song Book, Vol. I)
  10. Receptacle for the Respectable (Rings Around the World)
  11. Slow Life (Phantom Power)
  12. Juxtaposed With U (Rings Around the World)
  13. Laser Beam (Love Kraft)
  14. Do or Die (Guerilla)
  15. (Drawing) Rings Around the World (Rings Around the World)
  16. Something 4 the Weekend (Song Book, Vol. I)
  17. Calimero (Hermann loves Pauline)
  18. Motherfokker (Phantom Phorce)
  19. The Man Don’t Give a Fuck (Out Spaced)

SFA were supported by Goldie Looking Chain who were bizarrely entertaining, prancing up and down the stage in their chav gear, and interchanging their rapping pretty slickly. Whatever your may think about GLC, they are funny; puerile and offensive, but definitely funny, cf. Your Woman is a Nutter. Inevitably GLC came on to perform Motherfokker with SFA, a song introduced by a grinning Gruff as being about ‘the aircraft industry’.

SFA’s trademark finale was the only disappointment, as the traditional journey into techno seemed somewhat curtailed. Maybe we just wanted more of that SFA goodness…

And can you believe the sign photographed alongside this post? I spotted the sign down near the stage (you could hardly miss it – it was about 2 feet across). No crowd surfing, indeed. Good old Brixton Academy.