The discovery of X-Ray magazine was one of life’s little synchronies. I was moaning with Marcus about how there doesn’t seem to be a music magazine that quite fits our need. NME always seemed too puerile, even when we were young enough to buy it; Q is fine, but frankly a tad dull editorially and musically. X-Ray seems to fit nicely in the middle – like a Q that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And the accompanying CD is excellent, if for no other reason than the Flaming Lips’ cover of Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.

I struggle a little with the fact it’s a product of Xfm. Don’t get me wrong, Xfm is an excellent radio station (frustratingly not available over the airwaves in Brighton) but it is owned by Capital Radio, a rather more corporate entity. This fact won’t stop me buying said mag, but instead of the purchase being a proud moment, it rather grates.