Transparently flawed

The astute among you will have noticed that, by ‘clicking’ (not really sure what the device-agnostic term should be here) the partial dialog image in the previous post, you get to see a DHTML popup of the whole dialog box.

And those of you using quality browsers other than IE PC may have noticed the rather fetching drop shadow on said graphic. This is PNG alpha transparency at work folks. While supported natively in Mozilla, Opera and IE for Mac, IE PC requires an ActiveX plugin for transparency support. As IE PC readers still get the image but without the drop shadow, I decided not to force this download upon clagnut readers. The official PNG site has complete details of IE’s PNG failings.

If you feel strongly on this subject, you could sign the petition for proper PNG support in Internet Explorer for Windows.

And on a not entirely unrelated front, why does IE PC support all the CSS2 cursor styles except pointer, for which you need to invalidate your style sheet by specifying hand instead.