Thoughtful dialogue

I love the new version of TopStyle (Pro 3). Its colour picker is a piece of genius, packed with so many features (all of them useful in their own way), particularly to colour ‘blind’ users such as yours truly.

TopStyle colour picker dialog – when a colour is selected, you can select from a range of harmonious colours.

Permit me step you through the colour picker functions (this may seem like overkill but I didn’t spot them all straightaway so hopefully you’ll find it useful).

  • You can specify a palette from which to pick; choices include web-safe, named colours, system colours, Visibone and custom palettes. Colours can be viewed as a list or as a swatch.
  • You can pick a colour from anywhere on the screen.
  • You can specify colours as RGB and HSL, or from a luminance slider.
  • You can set favourite colours.
  • When a colour is selected, you can select its complimentary (inverse) colour, the nearest web safe colour or a range of harmonious colours.

The latter feature is particularly valuable to me as I can’t trust my judgement with respect to choosing harmonious colours; at least colours that are harmonious to anyone other than myself!