A stuffed Tiger's head

Tom has written up his first impressions of Apple’s forthcoming OS, Tiger. He summarises thus:

All in all the big news for the operating system is the integration of search and metadata technologies into the heart of the Operating System. The Safari RSS and iChat AV stuff is pretty cool too and everything else looks like tweaks, gimmicks or outright rip-offs.

The latter point refers to the outright rip-off of Konfabulator. As Matt puts it, ‘at least when some other companies rip something off they have the decency to buy out the original.’

I would also echo Tom’s thoughts on Launchbar (another Tiger rip-off) with my feeling about Quicksilver. Quicksilver feels completely at one with the OS and I use it all the time without thinking: command-space, f, w to launch Fireworks for example. Incidentally, Quicksilver has just been updated to beta 25 with some architecture changes and bug fixes.

Some of IBM’s staff are blogging publicly on the developerWorks blogs page, focussing on their specialist subjects such as management of software development, business-level tooling, Renaissance jazz and of course Mark Pilgrim on making emerging technologies accessible.