Gmail invites

So Keith asks ‘anyone want to clue me in as to why all I’ve been seeing around of late is Gmail, Gmail and more Gmail?’. Because, as far as I can gather, Gmail is one of the most successful and innovative viral campaigns ever.

Start off with something the piques people’s interest – how about a gig of email memory – sounds pretty impressive compared with the competition. Tell everyone about it, but only hand out the beta test to a select few. And then the stroke of genius: give the select few 6 invites each so that a handful more people can join in and feel special. Then hand out 6 more invites to the invitees and let their friends feel special too. And so it goes on – a controlled exponential increase in uptake. Soon everyone who wants one will have a Gmail account and they’ll all feel privileged to do so, because remember you can’t apply – it’s invite only. Bloody brilliant. And yes I have got one, and who knows maybe I’ve got some invites too.