spam and stuff

A List Apart has a geeky double issue which has partly pissed me off. On the good side there’s a pretty good attempt to prevent spam bots reading email addresses which uses JavaScript and character encoding.

On the disappointing side is an article explaining how to build an expandable client-side CMS. ‘Nothing wrong with that’, you might well think And you’d be right; it’s pretty good. But I do infer that the article I wrote for ALA describing an out of the box CMS using PHP and MySQL, is now unlikely to be used. I can deal with that, but what really wrankles is, having had my article idea okayed by the man himself, I have had no confirmation of receipt of said article, let alone a yes or no that they will run it. Now, I appreciate that Zeldman is one of the busiest people on this Earth, but my issue is that I am holding off publishing the article elsewhere (one of ALA’s publication stipulations).