And the nominations are…

The nominations for the Fourth Annual Weblog Awards are out and awaiting your votes.

Of those who are more than likely to be getting my votes, Dave Shea has been nominated for best Best Canadian Weblog and Best Web Development Weblog.

Dunstan has been nominated for Best Programming of a Weblog. I’m not sure what ‘best programming’ means, but Dunstan’s XHTML and CSS are exemplorary and he has some very cool and original JavaScript going on with his comment system. There’s also a few nifty bits of PHP for his blogged people and blogged domain pages. [Update: Somehow I forgot about the weather banner – the real clincher.]

Tom Coates, who normally loathes blog awards has been nominated in four categories, notably Lifetime Achievement Award and Best Article or Essay About Weblogs for his thought provoking article Weblogs and the mass amateurisation of nearly everything. [Update: note Tom’s comment to this post clarifying his position on weblog awards.]