Top Tunes 2020

Here’s a compilation of favourite songs from those I bought in the last year (not all were released this year). I certainly purchased a lot, and I’m pretty pleased with how the playlist panned out. Turns out my absolute favourites were electronic pop from relatively recent years – I’m particularly enjoying New Order’s Music Complete from 2015, and I absolutely love Róisín Murphy’s Overpowered from 2007 (I bought four of her 12” singles too). All of which sound fantastic on vinyl. Speaking of which, the quintuple vinyl of Kruder & Dorfmeister’s classic K&D Sessions compilation is a spectacular listen.

Other favourites include Ian Brown’s and Steve Mason’s most recent albums, both from 2019. New this year was a beautiful Erland Cooper offering celebrating more of the Orkney Islands, yet more Four Tet doing electronica in his inimitable way, loud frustration from Idles and a sweary compilation of working class minimalism from Sleaford Mods.

Forty-odd vinyl records spread out on my floor

Because I keep these playlists roughly to the length of a CD, there are some notable omissions from this list. Tim Burgess’s 2012 collaboration with Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner is worthy of note especially as it contains a (lovely) song entitled A Case for Vinyl. Nick Cave’s Idiot Prayer – alone at Alexandria Palace is definitely an album to sum up the year we’ve just had. Some golden oldies include opportunistic re-releases of OMD’s first album and Ozric Tentacles’ Strangitude (the one with Sploosh!), both worth having mind you. As is Billy Cobham’s Spectrum, a 1970s jazz-fusion drumfest heavily sampled by Massive Attack. Finally a worthy last minute entry goes to local boy Fatboy Slim’s Back to Mine compilation which is chock full of funky classics, including the original source material for Praise You.

The Best Songs I Bought in 2020, Ever

  1. Singularity by New Order from the album Music Complete
  2. Movie Star by Róisín Murphy from the album Overpowered
  3. Silhouettes (I, II & III) by Floating Points from the album Elaenia
  4. About the Light by Steve Mason from the album About The Light
  5. First World Problems by Ian Brown from the album Ripples
  6. There Is No Year by Algiers from the album There Is No Year
  7. Model Village by Idles from the album Ultra Mono
  8. Chills Me to the Bone by Tricky from the album Fall to Pieces
  9. Peedie Breeks by Erland Cooper from the album Hether Blether
  10. Love Salad by Four Tet from the album Sixteen Oceans
  11. Sweetheart Mercury by Tim Burgess from the album I Love The New Sky
  12. Look At All The Smiling Faces by Shigeto from the album Full Circle
  13. The Birds by Elbow from the album Build a Rocket Boys
  14. Beautiful Face by The Aliens from the EP Electronville
  15. Speechless (Drum ‘n’ Bass) by Count Basic from the album The K&D Sessions
  16. Jobseeker by Sleaford Mods the album All That Glue
  17. Gammon by Fujiya & Miyagi from the album Flashback
  18. Must I Evolve? by Jarv Is… from the album Beyond the Pale

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify.