jQuery for UX Designers

Nowadays even conventional content-based web sites tend to have interactive features of some sort or another. There are points in any design process when those interactions must conceptualised, defined and tested. For the UX designer, interactive wireframes running in a web browser can be a very powerful tool in designing these features. At Clearleft we use interactive wireframes (AKA prototypes) a lot, often moving from hand-drawn sketches straight into the browser to test out ideas, and ultimately specify functionality.

We use jQuery in all of our interactive wireframes to help us quickly try out concepts and define interactions. As Jeffrey Zeldman once wrote, “Wireframing ajax is a bitch”, and here jQuery is very much your friend.

If you know some HTML and CSS, jQuery is pretty quick to get to grips with, but like most technologies, there is still a learning curve and the initial incline, as always, is the hardest to get over. This is where a little guidance from someone who’s been there before comes in really handy. Hence when Jared Spool and the good folk at UIE invited me to give a virtual seminar I jumped at the chance to present the course I wish had been available to me a few years ago: jQuery for UX Designers.

In the seminar I’ll provide a very practical introduction to using jQuery in your wireframes. I’ll get you started with jQuery, assuming no prior knowledge (apart from some HTML & CSS), and get you going straight away with lots of examples, hints and tricks.

Starting from simple show and hide techniques, you’ll learn how to show different page states, spoof ajax interactions, and introduce complex workflows such as calendars, editing inline and modal dialogs, as well as start using time-saving jQuery plug-ins. The seminar will keep theory to the bare minimum and focus on getting going with practical take-aways you can use straight away. I’ll be sure to wrap up with the best sources of documentation and tutorials so you can learn more as you progress with using jQuery in your own work.

The seminar is on Thursday 6 October 2011 at 13:30 ET (18:30 in the UK). It will last for 90 minutes, including time for questions, and costs only $129. You can register now or get more information from the jQuery for UX Designers page over at UIE. Hope to see you there!