ClagTunes episode 1

I done a podcast! In each episode, ClagTunes will feature five of my favourite tracks; four of which I will have bought since the previous episode of the podcast, plus one bonus track from the archive, so to speak.

I don’t know how often each episode will come along. Essentially it’ll be when I’ve got four new tracks I want to tell you about, so I guess every month or so. But no promises. You can visit the clagTunes page for full subscription details, or click one of these links:

Thanks to Huffduffer for making all that very easy.

Episode 1

And so to the details of Episode 1. Here’s the track listing:

  1. The Howling by the Phantom Band from Checkmate Savage
  2. The Pact (I’ll Be Your Fever) by Villagers from Becoming A Jackal
  3. There Only Once by the Soundcarriers from Celeste
  4. Queen Of Denmark by John Grant from Queen Of Denmark
  5. Take Me! by the Wedding Present from Bizarro

And here’s the download link: