Back soon

I’m off to Morzine again tomorrow, mountain biking in the Alps. Not everyone’s idea of a holiday, but you’ve got to say it’s a break from the norm. And I won’t be going anywhere near a computer for a week.

In the meantime I’ve made a few tweaks hereabouts. The observant among you will have noticed that I’ve categorised all my posts, thus enabling (finally) a proper archive which you can browse by date or by subject.

I’ve also made a significant change to the RSS feed so that you now get 5 whole posts (complete with HTML markup) instead of 10 summaries. As far as I know, only Jeremy was actually syndicating clagnut to a website. Most other folks use an RSS reader of sort, so I figured it would be more useful for you guys to have a full post to read.

This means I’ve moved in completely the other direction from Mark Pilgrim who has replaced entire posts with summaries in his feeds, stating that this is what the author of RSS intended, and he’s correct. It’s just that people don’t use the feeds in that manner.

For instance, I have just started playing with Nick Bradbury’s FeedDemon, a superb new RSS reader for Windows. I use it to download of my favourite blogs so that I can read them offline on my way home. If these blogs present links I want to follow, FeedDemon enables me to flag the post in question for perusal the next day. Likewise, Tom’s is calling for other people’s RSS feeds not to have excerpt-only posts. He also asks for links to the comments – something that isn’t available in the RSS 0.91 which I use, but can be done with RSS 2.0 using the comment sub-element of item.