Chocks away

I’m not the biggest consumer of podcasts – I just don’t seem to have the time. However one episodic I am making time for is the Rissington Podcast. Presented by Messrs Hicks and Oxton, topics covered so far include web safe cheeses, typeface of the week, jokes from a 1940s RAF magazine and some vaguely sensible stuff about HTML or something. All in all, it’s bloody good fun; in fact enough to make it to number 6 in the iTunes Technology Podcasts Chart. Questions from the audience are currently being taken for the next episode.

Also getting occasional eartime is The Talk Show with John Gruber and Dan Benjamin. As you might expect there’s plenty of Apple chat, and there’s lots of other good stuff besides.

Finally, not a podcast (yet, perhaps), is Stephen Fry’s new blog. I know Fry is an Apple fan boy (since 1984 apparently) but I didn’t realise he was afficionado of all things mobile. In his first post – possibly the longest blog post I’ve ever read – Fry gives us the low down on every SmartPhone in existence and expresses his desire for an iPhone killer.

I should also add that, being a technophile, Fry (why not ‘Stephen’?) has had a web presence since 1995, when he built a personal site hosted on Demon Net. It’s not there anymore, but I do remember Fry posted a wonderful piece extolling the virtues of the internet. In particular he wrote about the strength it gave him during the much-publicised dark days in 1995 when he contemplated suicide.

Update. I’ve just found this great series of video interviews with Stephen Fry in which he talks about his relationship with the Internet and his thoughts on Web 2.0.