It seems Firebird has been renamed to Firefox. I’m looking forward to the plug-in that enables you to enter a URL just by thinking in Russian.

Firefox icon

Update: Jon Hicks implemented the lovely new icons and has posted details of the branding process. Jon also points us towards Ben Goodger who has written up the reasons and process for the name change.

Steven Garrity, of Silverorange, kick started the Mozilla branding team and explains the Firefox makeover and the satisfaction of working in an open source environment:

Such is the open source world; when a developer looks at something that they don’t like in an application, they fix it (or try). Those of us who are picky about visual and user-interface consistency and polish are looking at the Mozilla applications, and fixing what we don’t like.

There is something truly significant about the way I was able to go from user and critic, to participant and contributor. I would like to see the same thing in politics and other spheres of life. If you don’t like how something is done, and think you can help improve it, then get involved. Don’t expect someone else to do it.

Firefox 0.8 is also the first milestone released with the new OS X aqua theme. Kevin Gerich has posted screenshots of all the different screens so go and drool [via Hicksdesign ].