Normal service resumes

Friday Biscuit:

Out of curiosity
I dug up Logie Baird
And I asked him what petrified forests see<
To make them all so scared.

from Albert Hammond Bootleg on Back In The D.H.S.S.

The website for this year’s Brighton Festival has got some thoughtful bits of information architecture. The festival runs for three weeks in May; every page on the site has a calendar linking through to a day’s events. Each page also contains highlights enticing visitors to read more about chosen events relevent to the page. Additionally, all the events are cross-referenced and categorised with colour coding.

Recently the BBC announced it was losing 100 new media jobs. It seems these unlucky folks were told via a PowerPoint presentation, the precise method by which we were ditched from Citria.

Simon Willison has got some good things going on in a PHP, Python, CSS and XML context.