Hospital food

A brief foray away from web stuff into some personal stuff. Bear with me – I needed an outlet.

Some weeks ago my Dad told me he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer; of course he mentioned this matter-of-factly, at the end of an unrelated conversation. Subsequent tests showed that the cancer had not spread from the prostate, so on Wednesday Dad went in for a radical prostatectomy. Radical prostatectomies are full-on peel ‘em open jobs, mostly because the prostate gland, about the size of walnut, is hard to get at, hidden beneath the intestines. (Aaaah! Too much information!)

I went with my Mum and bro to see Dad in hospital yesterday. Emotionally-speaking, things where in a spin cycle. On one hand there was my Dad in a hospital, wired up to a bleeping machine, with eye-watering tubes appearing from beneath his sheets. But at the same time, there he was, cancer free, sitting up in bed talking about the football and joking with the nurse about the remarkable resemblance between the fluid in his catheter and the chicken soup he’d slurped earlier.

All things being well, Dad should be out of hospital early next week and back to his normal way of life in a few months time. He and Mum might even be able to go on the trip my bro and I bought them for Dad’s retirement.

  • While we’re off topic, Tony Blair gave a speech to the nation on Tuesday. Towards the end he made a few interesting points:

    Our commitment to the post-Saddam humanitarian effort will be total. We shall help Iraq move towards democracy. And put the money from Iraqi oil in a UN trust fund so that it benefits Iraq and no-one else.

    Neither should Iraq be our only concern. President Bush and I have committed ourselves to peace in the Middle East based on a secure state of Israel and a viable Palestinian state. We will strive to see it done.

    I still wonder why these two aims couldn’t be achieved without engaging in combat first.