Zooming content

Mike Stenhouse has written up thoughts on his recent redesign of Donotremove. Of particular note is his zooming content approach in which ‘the information view and relevance on the page zooms out as the page goes down’. This is most clearly demonstrated on his weblog home page, which zooms the content out from full display of his latest post, through summaries of five recent posts, to a clever weblog archive summary and on to a blogroll with other external links.

Mike extends the metaphor to his individual post pages by following the text of a post with links to related posts. before showing the comments.

Mike says he was partly influenced by Derek Powazek’s great Embrace your bottom! post, which espouses rewarding readers who reach the end of a post with a fully detailed (and beautifully designed) footer – essentially the usual sidebar moved to the bottom. It’s worth noting that Khoi Vinh takes the zooming content approach even further on the homepage of his blog at Subtraction.

And in other news, I’m laughing out loud to Adactio for Men, created by Mike Davidson in response to Jeremy’s reply to the Arno Zimmerman affair.