And they’re off

So the election has been announced: bring on a month of frantic baby kissing. You can follow the antics of Michael “something of the night about him” Howard, Tony “lapdog cocking a leg to popular opinion” Blair, and the other chap who’ll come third as they gallivant around the country, in the Guardian Election Blog. Ben has made a pretty impressive job of it as the Blog comes complete with Contemporaria (links to news in other sources at the time of each post) and a Folksonomic Zeitgeist (Flickr-like display of post tags used over the past seven days).

Talking of simple choices, the Marmite website reminded me (via Jeremy) of a site highlighted by Jeff Veen during his SxSW talk on How to inform design. The site in question, by the US Farm Service Agency, is Hay Net and has a wonderfully simple interface that gives visitors just choices: Need Hay and Have Hay. Marmite offers a similar choice: Love It or Hate It.

There was a similar binary interface in Las Manitas Avenue Cafe, a popular Mexican cafe in Austin. The doors to the kitchen operated a one-way system clearly marked above each door as Yes and No (someone at SxSW must have a photo of that, surely?)