Top Tunes 2005

Artwork of The Best Songs I Bought In 2005 Ever – 'No loitering' stencilled on a wall

Thought I’d better sneak this one in before the end of January. Here’s the track listing to my annual compilation, this year cleverly titled as ‘The Best Songs I Bought In 2005 Ever’. Turns out it was a surprisingly good year.

The Best Songs I Bought In 2005 Ever

  1. Leaders of the Free World by Elbow from the album Leaders of the Free World
  2. Fake Tales of San Francisco by Arctic Monkeys from the EP Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys
  3. Did You Leave My Hat On The Windowsill? by The People from the album NEMIS SxSW 2005
  4. More Brother Rides by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy from the album Greatest Palace Music
  5. Glósóli by Sigur Rós from the album Takk…
  6. Crown of Love by The Arcade Fire from the album Funeral
  7. Krafty by New Order from the album Waiting for the Sirens’ Call
  8. Not A Reasonable Man by I Am Kloot from the album I Am Kloot
  9. 1500 Years by Ralfe Band from the single 1500 Years
  10. The Ride (Pt II) by Calexico from the album The Black Light
  11. Nothing Really Ends by Deus from the album Pocket Revolution
  12. Duffer St. George by The Fiery Furnaces from the The Fiery Furnaces EP
  13. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel from the album In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
  14. I Got Fucked By Liberty Mutual by Whitey Houston from the single I Got Fucked by Liberty Mutual
  15. Avant Garde Music by Ballboy from the album A Guide for the Daylight Hours
  16. The Sound Of German Hip Hop by Clem Snide from the single Fill Me With Your Light
  17. Don’t Run Our Hearts Around by Black Mountain from the album Black Mountain
  18. 08:08am by Titan Go King’s from the single Go! Go! Idol
  19. Let Me See The Colts by Smog from the album A River Ain’t Too Much To Love

And remember this is compiled from music I bought this year, but was not necessarily released this year.