Ajax training workshop

Following on from the great response we had to d.Construct, Clearleft is proud to be putting on an Ajax training course early next year.

Love it or hate it, the word Ajax is here to stay. Derided by some as unnecessary buzzword, praised by others as a revolutionary technology, the truth about Ajax lies somewhere in-between. This one-day workshop will explain the benefits and the pitfalls of the hippest methodology on the Web today.

The course will be taught by Jeremy Keith. Any one who has had the pleasure of seeing Jeremy talk at conferences such as SxSW and @media will agree he’s a great speaker and a superb teacher. This course will give you the opportunity to get up close and personal as it’s very much hands-on.

book cover of <abbr class='c2sc'>DOM</abbr> Scripting

For those of you who don’t know Jeremy, he’s a leader of the WaSP DOM scripting task force and author of the acclaimed book DOM Scripting – Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model, of which every attendee will receive a free copy. You never know, Jeremy might even sign it for you!

The course will provide a hands-on explanation of how best to use Ajax, starting off with the basics of modern DOM scripting, before showing trainees the ins-and-outs of the XMLHttpRequest Object. Then, using a concept dubbed Hijax, Jeremy will demonstrate live how to build Ajax applications that remain usable and accessible while degrading gracefully.

The workshop takes place in central London on 10th February 2006 and you can register now for an early bird price of just £345 (that?s a £50 discount). Tickets are strictly limited and likely to book up very quickly, so if you are interested in coming, I recommend you get on to the finance department pretty sharpish.