Firefox 1.5 is go

Firefox 1.5 is now a fully fledged release and it’s well worth a look, especially if you’re a web developer.

There are plenty of CSS improvements, including proper nested quotes (in other words better support for styling the <q> element), custom cursors (woo hoo!), counters (enabling automatic heading numbering) and best of all outlines.

Outlines have been in Safari for ages and are essentially borders that don’t take up space. They are invaluable for identifying blocks on the page without affecting the layout.

There’s also some CSS3 additions including column layout which was mentioned earlier on these pages.

Of particular note is the addition of keyboard access to focusable elements. This is best explained by Mozilla but essentially bends tabindex rules in line with Internet Explorer to allow for negative tab indexes which in turn can aid keyboard access to drop down navigation and the like.

And finally there’s the whole canvas thing. The canvas element is also supported by Safari and Opera. It was developed by WHATWG and provides non-standard 2D graphics mark-up ability, particularly for web applications, as currently seen in Apple’s Tiger Dashboard. And on a related note, Firefox 1.5 also comes with SVG support built in.

The Burning Edge has put together a comprehensive list of all the changes and bug fixes. Oh, did I mention there are draggable tabs now?