Browser stickies

Browser Stickies is a little experiment I knocked together in the lull between SxSW Interactive and SxSW Music. It was mostly to demonstrate to myself that dragging and resizing using JavaScript is not that hard. It certainly isn’t hard when you’ve got a script as a good as Brainjar’s to get started with.

Each Sticky is created on the fly by adding the required elements to the DOM. Note the text mode which enables you to copy the text from any or all of your Stickies in one go – something that can’t be done with conventional Stickies applications.

I had intended to get Browser Stickies all nicely polished and Konfabulator-like before releasing it to the public, but I simply haven’t got time at the mo’, so I’ve presented it in its untested, alpha guise. Please have a play and leave any bug reports and suggestions with this post.