Bug Report, Design Engaged and PowerPoint

In Stylish Scripting, Simon Willison points us to Peter-Paul Koch’s latest addition to QuirksMode, Bug Report. PPK says:

The Bug Report system is entirely dedicated to finding mending and publishing CSS and JavaScript browse bugs. Anyone can report bugs, and I hope that the existence of this system will lead to more and better bug reports.

Many of the submitted bugs have a test page, some have workarounds and all accept comments. It’s already looking to be an extremely useful resource; if it gets anyway close to Position Is Everything it will be fantastic.

On a completely different note, Pete recently pointed us to this fantastic animation of a man walking created from stencilled graffiti art. It was presented at Design Engaged 2004 in Amsterdam which, judging by the overwhelming response, was a hugely successful and fascinating conference.

Talking of conferences, Jeffrey Veen talks about how PowerPoint has automated lazy thought. He goes on to say how he’s tried to move away from bullet pointed presentations (and how hard it is to properly) and how Keynote’s current lack of cruft has helped along the way.

Quite rightly we see the ‘ditch bullet pointed presentations’ message a lot nowadays, in particular Tufte’s well known booklet which goes a long way to highlighting all that’s wrong with PowerPointed slides. However this does little to demonstrate a better way of doing things. Given that PowerPoint bullets are seemingly ingrained into the corporate psyche, we are going to need more help and persuasion to shift the mindset.