iSight mounts and iMac G5s

This is mostly another moan at Apple, but first a quick gloat: I am now the proud owner of a 17" iMac G5. Gloat over. It had a point, which I shall get to shortly. Firstly you need to know that I also own an iSight, bought back in June, which I’ve happily been mounting on my iBook. OK maybe I’m still gloating, but here’s the point.

I can’t mount my iSight onto my iMac. Well I could, sort of, if I used the adhesive mount which came with the iSight, but I don’t want to stick anything to my nice new hardware (even if Apple do their best to assure us the sticky stuff is reusable and leaves no mark). Anyhow, Apple have solved the problem by creating a neat magnetic mount for the iSight, designed specifically for the new iMacs and Cinema Displays.

These magnetic mounts now come as standard with iSights, but they didn’t come with mine (it being more than a few months old). And stupidly you can’t buy the mounts separately. Sure I could fork out yet another 25 quid on the iSight Accessory Kit which includes the magnetic mount as well as all the other mounts and leads I already have. (Yeah I know ?25 pales into insignificance compared to combined cost of the other hardware I’ve mentioned, but after buying that lot do you really think I’ve got another 25 quid lying around?)

So here’s the rub. Does anyone have a magnetic mount they are happy to sell or swap? Or maybe you fancy the iSight Accessory Kit but don’t need the magnetic mount? Unlikely I know, but heh, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Update. I’m pleased to announce success in my quest. Andrew in Savanah, GA happily swapped his G5 mount for my G4 mount. Thanks Andrew!